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Our community has a long and proud history of spirited conversation, political action, and technological innovation. Welcome to the new home of Open Government in Santa Monica.

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Campaign Finance

Financial information provided by candidates and committees.

Demographic Data

Demographic data pulled from the U.S. Census and curated for the Wellbeing Project.



Open Source and Esri GIS Data from the City of Santa Monica, CA.


Open Source and Open Data from the City of Santa Monica, CA.

GTFS Archive

Archived schedule files in GTFS and geoJSON formats for Santa Monica’s Big Blue Bus.

GTFS Current

The current schedule file in GTFS format for Santa Monica’s Big Blue Bus.

GTFS Realtime

Real-time alerts, trip updates, and vehicle positions for Santa Monica’s Big Blue Bus.

Hack the Beach

Bringing together civic-minded technologists to solve real-world challenges.

OpenGov Financials

Understand how Santa Monica spends and receives money.

Orchard CMS

Orchard is a free, open source, community-focused Content Management System.

Parking Data

Real-time feed of public lot availability and on-street meter activity.

Salary Schedules

Interactive tool to explore City of Santa Monica employee salary schedule data.

Socrata Open Data

Over 50 human-readable datasets and views with machine-readable APIs across 6 categories.


The most popular .NET library for the Socrata Open Data API.

Sustainability Data

Data and supporting documents from Santa Monica’s Sustainable City Plan.

Web Analytics

Website analytics for many of the City of Santa Monica’s web properies.

Wellbeing Findings

Explore the City’s Wellbeing Findings data.

Wellbeing Survey

Santa Monica resident responses to survey for the Wellbeing Project.

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